Identity Document Data Extraction

DOT can be used to extract and read data from identity documents including data from visual inspection zone (VIZ), machine readable zone (MRZ), barcodes and from RFID chips.

The user needs to take a photo of the identity document with the best possible quality. The mobile components will assist the user to position the camera correctly and take the photo automatically. Read more: Functionalities - Document Auto Capture

Document Server first classifies the type of the identity document from the set of supported identity document types. Then the OCR engine can recognize all the fields of the identity document and return them in a data structure by the field, together with a confidence score for each field. Read more: Functionalities - OCR

Document recognition

Machine-readable Zone (MRZ) Data Extraction

The service can extract data from an image of any document that fulfills ICAO Document 9303 standard without a prior classification.

The OCR engine recognizes data from the machine-readable zone on the document image and returns parsed MRZ data. The response includes information about validity of MRZ check digits. This extraction can be performed even on the smartphone and be used to unlock NFC reading of the RFID chip in document, if present. Read more: Functionalities - MRZ

Electronic Machine-readable Travel Documents (eMRTD) NFC Reading

Mobile libraries can perform reading of the RFID chip on an electronic document using smartphone’s NFC reader. The MRZ reading is required prior to that. Read more: Functionalities - MRZ